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2 months ago


Dear fellows,
sometimes life is a bitch and sometimes almost a whole year.
In March 2020 we released our latest album "The Fall of all Things" and the next day came the lockdown...
There couldn't have been a more inappropriate time for an album release.
And therefore, in total shameless selfpromotion, buy it, steal it, love it or hate it, but listen to it!

DUST: The Fall Of All Things

Available on our bandcamp page dustdoom.bandcamp.com/album/the-fall-of-all-things
or at our label Supreme Chaos Records

Thank you for your support during this difficult time, you guys are the best!
Stay well and be blessed - by whomever...

The Fall Of All Things, by DUST
5 track album

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6 months ago


Don't miss the Live Session of STONERHEAD (featuring our drummer Igor) at JZ Stricker next friday!!! Get your livestream via Youtube or Twitch (links listed in the event below)!


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7 months ago



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09. November 2018 von Heiland
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