Sitecore Support Agreement

Each Sitecore product has a full range of support package options: standard-level support, premium support and open source options. The Sitecore Knowledge Base website provides access to a number of known issues, instructional articles and security bulletins published by Sitecore. Metadata associated with articles and intelligent search features make it easy for visitors to find the latest relevant information. Access the Sitecore knowledge base on This article describes the authorization, scope, service levels and other details of Sitecore`s support offering. For users with appropriate certification who implement Sitecore projects as a freelancer or independent contractor, it is possible to provide access to assistance if the user is able to confirm the relationship with a Sitecore partner or customer, either by providing a personal email address with the email domain name of the company concerned, or by providing confirmation from the company representative for the current relationship with that company. With multilingual support, you can focus on your content – Idea. Why your Sitecore support partner is as important as your build We offer unique implementation services for your business needs. Our consultants have extensive experience in setting up, developing and integrating Sitecore to create reliable and efficient web systems. We develop efficient and responsive websites and mobile applications with Sitecore. Our services include consulting and support in sitecore hosting, customization, marketing management, workflows and custom package development. Our consultants launch the service with the following standard implementation approach and review it to meet customer needs: Instead of opting for a standard support provider, you should, like us, find you a partner who will make the extra mile.

What really separates a top animal service from the rest is a fully managed sitecore support service. This means a proactive all-inclusive service with a dedicated team behind it. Access to Sitecore support is available through the Support Portal website in During this period, we took over 20 Sitecore customers, including our first overseas support contract. Looking to the future, emerging trends such as the use of social media as another way to get support are becoming increasingly popular and something we will be launching into the market in 2014. If you like your digital brand, whether the support is owned by IT or the marketing department, be sure to include it in your budget. It`s too important to leave chance. What this means in practice is the managed service capacity in your Sitecore partner with the systems, employees and processes to provide the quality service you paid for.

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