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Members who have signed agreements negotiated by the MCO on behalf of their subcontractors may participate in negotiations with AGC on a single employer basis with one or all of the following unions: AGC offers framework contracts and contracts negotiated between AGC and the five core trades. „Electrical installers and other subcontractors are not held responsible for things for which we are not responsible,“ he says. „It says that we are responsible for our actions and events over which we have control. What happens so often is that it goes back to our insurance, and we end up taking the hit, which hinders our ability to buy insurance in the future. „ConsensusDOCS, however, is likely to gain strength over time, but certainly not overnight. Standard contracts as developed by AIA and recently updated (see AIA reveal revised contracts on page C29) dominate the market and are unlikely to be sold in the foreseeable future. Moreover, nothing can prevent parties from designing proprietary documents and trying to get others to sign proprietary documents, which critics say often contain the seed of destructive litigation that can end in costly and time-consuming litigation — by-products that were in the crosshairs of the authors of the ConsensusDOCS. For electrical installers and others who work as subcontractors, the changes to AIA`s A401 subcontract offer many new benefits, according to Tom Barfield, an advisor to Associated Specialty Contractors (ASC), who helped ASC develop the new contracts. AGC can help you with your dual-door system and signage.

Click here to view the Washington Construction Industry Substance Abuse Program Zind is an independent author based at Lee`s Summit, Mo. Contact Bob Timmons, AGC`s Director of Labour Relations, for more information. While one group among others whose votes have been heard in the three-year ConsensusDOCS project project, subcontractors will make some remarkable profits. The provisions of a group of six containing more than 70 new documents (which can be consulted under offer better protection to subcontractors than those of most proprietary contracts used today by contractors. The subcontracting documents, including the standard agreement between the contractor and the subcontractor ConsensusDOCS 750, contain a large number of fair conditions for subcontractors in the areas of risk exposure, timely payments and a reduction in the reserve. This package defines the procedure of the National Labor Relations Act, which isolates a conflicting union and an employer and allows other neutral contractors to continue working. Members of the Washington MCO can purchase printed double-door panels as well as a guide to setting up a double-door system for 20 $US plus taxes for the couple in the Seattle AGC office (1200 Westlake Avenue N, Suite 301). . . .

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