Amazon Seller Agreement

Amazon reserves the right to request additional information and confirm the validity of your account information (including, but not limited to, your revenue tax/merchandise and service number) from you or governmental authorities and authorities, to the extent permitted by law, and you therefore irrevocably authorize Amazon to request and receive such information from such authorities and governmental authorities. In addition, you agree to provide such information to Amazon upon request. Amazon reserves the right to charge you any applicable VAT/Goods and Services Tax if you provide a turnover tax/goods and services number or proof of activity that is invalidated. VAT/Goods and Services Tax Sellers and registered sellers who prove that they are operating agree to accept VAT/Goods and Services electronic invoices in a format and delivery method defined by Amazon. 5. INSURANCE. This general phrase is a statement about how a seller or their business identifies on Amazon. In essence, this section defines the fact that a person or individual cannot operate a large number of accounts of different sellers. The products you offer for sale on Amazon must comply with your seller agreement, including all applicable Amazon policies and all applicable laws and regulations. Before listing products, make sure you understand all your responsibilities as a seller. S-1.2 List of products; merchandising; Execution of commands.

We will list your products for sale on amazon`s site in the corresponding product categories that are generally supported for third parties on Amazon`s website on the respective start date of the sale on Amazon, and will advertise for merchandising and promote your products in accordance with the Commercial Solutions Agreement (including properties associated with Amazon or other features, features, advertisements or programs on or in connection with the Amazon site). Amazon reserves the right to restrict access to listings in any or all categories of Amazon`s website at any time, at its discretion. We may use mechanisms that evaluate your products and/or performance as sellers on Amazon`s site or allow buyers to rate them, and Amazon may make such reviews and feedback publicly available. We provide you with order information for each of your transactions. Proceeds from the sale will only be paid to you in accordance with section S-5. If you specify your bank account details for the first time or if you change it later, the date of calculation of the transfer can be postponed by up to 14 days. For sellers who registered after October 30, 2011 and are in the individual sales plan, the transfer amount does not include sales revenue from the 14-day period preceding the transfer date. If you refund money to a customer in connection with one of your transactions and the refund is transferred through us (or our related company), we will refund you the closest available calculation date to the transfer, the amount of the referral fee you pay us that is due to the amount of the customer`s refund (including refunded taxes and customs duties only to the extent indicated. in the tax directives in force). less the refund management fee for each of your reimbursed products, which are not a BMVD product, the amount of which we may withhold as a management fee; provided, however, that in the event of a full refund of the proceeds of the sale for a media product, we refund you the full amount of a variable closing fee you paid to us (and in the event of a partial refund of the proceeds of the sale for a media product, we will not refund you part of a variable closing fee you paid to us). . .


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