Apartment Resale Agreement Format

What are the typical clauses that should be in a sales contract format? 17. The purchaser must, with or before the execution of the deed of habitation, issue a deed of explanation as prescribed, in which he must deliver his dwelling in accordance with the provisions of the .. Real Estate Property Act. 5. This Part No. 1 acknowledges its responsibility that, in the event of charges or in the event of cancellation of the award, Party No. 1 admits its obligation to pay the amount of Rs.———————————————, with the exception of interest and damages suffered by Party No.2 and, apart from the reimbursement of the sum of Rs.——————————————————, paid on sale under this Agreement. READ MORE, both parties signed this agreement in the presence of the following witnesses: And while the seller accepted an apartment on the ……… Floor in the building No……….. and the specifications mentioned in list 11 are written at a price of Rs …………. (Rupees ………….. subject to the following conditions.

the apartment by the seller to the buyer. the amounts to be paid in the context of these gifts are not paid within the agreed period, the buyer is obliged to pay interest of 18% per year from the due date of payment until the date of payment. According to the Karnataka Stamp Act, the stamp duty for the sales contract is 0.1% on the equivalent, Min.Rs.500/-, Max. Rs. 20,000/-4. The buyer declares and undertakes not to have any claims, except with regard to the apartment he has agreed and the seller retains his right to ownership in all structures of the aforementioned land, open spaces, parking lots, halls, stairwells, elevators, terrace, etc., until all apartments are transferred to the buyers and the declaration of the deed of the apartment is executed and the co-ownership is constituted, as in the…….. Real Estate Property Act. 3. The seller will take possession of the apartment on or before ……. Day of …………, 2000. The seller has obtained the certificate of completion and occupancy with regard to the mentioned apartment of …………..

The local organization. The buyer has the apartment within one week of receiving notice from the seller to the buyer that the apartment is ready for use and use and that the certificate of completion and certificate of occupancy of …….. the communal body; 10. The buyer does not have the right to rent, incriminate, incriminate or assign him until the transfer of the apartment without the written consent of the seller. etc. 6. The seller undertakes to comply with the provisions of Article 10 of …….. Ownership Flats (Regulation of the Promotion of Construction, Sale, Management and Transfer) Act, 1963 (hereinafter ………….. Apartment Ownership Flats Act, 1963) and………..

Apartment Ownership Act, 1970 and makes a declaration in accordance with section 11 of the …….. . .

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