White Paper Agreement Validity

I concluded a contract for the sale of used cars with a part in Rs.50 stamp paper as the first page and in white A4 pages as other pages. My doubt is whether the supplement sheets should be in the Green Legal Paper just to be a valid agreement in the Madras High Court? Please advise. Dear brother, this can be white paper, even the 1R tax stamp is enough to apply, but all pages must be signed by both parties, properly attested, all the best Adv.A.P.Loganathan, MadrasHighCourt, Avoid police/court/politician, if possible Instead of making a deposit, you could have made a sales contract or deed of sale yourself that would have more authenticity than this white paper agreement. Obviously, these processes increase and delay litigation and additional business costs, so it is always advisable to conclude agreements on buffer paper by paying the required fee. The Indian Registration Act provides for the registration of documents, thereby recording the contents of the document. Registration is required to obtain evidence and titles. Some of the agreements referred to in section 17 of the Indian Registration Act are required to be registered and therefore cannot be entered into without a stamp paper. Some of them are, 2. The agreement on the White Paper is legally contested and the General Court agrees? It is obvious that even in the event of a complete lockdown, no commercial transactions are pending, ranging from leases to service contracts to agreements between companies and others. However, if the agreement is to be stamped and registered, it cannot be used as evidence in court. Under the Indian Stamp Act of 1899, section 35(1) expressly provides that a document used by a person to be used as evidence may not do so unless it is properly stamped and not registered.

When concluding the contractual negotiations, the performance of the contract by electronic signature as inserted in the Information Technology (Amendment) Act 2008 comes into play. The car is a movable property and can only be sold on delivery. No transfer or agreement documents are required (with the exception of the RTO transfer form for the transfer of ownership). If you have your price, don`t worry about the difference in the pages. It is legal and valid. R.V.DAGLI Lawyer. These questions are addressed in this white paper on the legal Intelligence Series pandemic. If this property belonged to your grandfather, then only he has the right to sign a deed of division that divides the property in his name between the people he wants to allocate his property, or by a family agreement or by a constitutive title, however, all these documents that involve the transfer of real estate are obligatorily registered. Any unregreg recorded agreement that is also on a white paper is not legally valid, and you cannot file such a case in court on that basis. Since agreements are the heart and soul of a business, they must be enforceable documents. The applicability of these documents is subject to compliance with the provisions of the Indian Stamp Act 1899 in conjunction with the Registration Act 1908. .


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