German five-piece heavy doom rock formation DUST
was founded in October 1998 by Igor Popovic (dr.),
Kay Grossmann (g.) and Christoph „Heiland“ Kröger (g.) free ringtones android.

The line-up was completed by Olli Karic on vocals
and Thomas Kröger on bass, who was replaced by
Thomas “Doc” Pflug in Winter 2005 herunterladen.

Since January 2016 they play as a four-piece, cause Kay Grossman left the band.

The musical influences of the band are pretty versatile
and include a large spectrum reaching from
70´s Psychedelic Space Rock to Doom- and Death Metal
of the 80´s youtube videos downloaden 1080p.
Some important bands for DUST are obviously:
Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Saint Vitus or Pentagram
but also acts like Celtic Frost, Entombed and Bathory download software youtube videos.



Olympus Trip – 1998

Smell the burning (EP) – 2001

DUST s/t – 2002

Reblown (EP) – 2005

High Density Amplitude – 2006

Receive the Frequency – 2008

Distortion Empire – 2012

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